Answering Objections to Other Seventh-day Adventist Doctrines
The Ten Commandment Law and the Seventh-day Sabbath:

I. Is the law abolished according to Ephesians 2:15?

II. The Seventh-day Sabbath:The following arguments against the Sabbath are answered in:
A. The Sabbath is not a Creational Ordinance
B. The Sabbath is an Old Covenant Institution that Terminated at the Cross
C. Christ Fulfilled the Sabbath by Becoming Our Salvation "Rest"
D. Paul Teaches the Abrogation of the Law
E. Paul Teaches the Abrogation of the Sabbath.

III. Other typical objections that are raised by the defenders of the Sunday worship tradition:
* Col 2:16 says, "Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day." How can Sabbath keepers tell other to keep the Sabbath?
* How do we know what day the 7th day is. How do we know that the weekly cycle hasn't been interrupted?
* The Sabbath law is not "moral" just because it was numbered with the other nine commandments. Anybody can clearly understand and see that the Sabbath law is a ceremonial law.
* The Sabbath law applied only to the Israelites.
* The Sabbath law was not given until after the exodus.
* Jesus did not come to destroy the law (according to Mat. 5:17) but he did come to fulfill the law. When He fulfilled all things, when all had been finished (see verse 18) the old law became obsolete. Christians are not under the ten commandments.
* Christians come together on the first day of the week (John 20:19,26; Acts 20:6,7; 1 Cor. 16:2).
* God has replaced the Sabbath of the Old Covenant with a new Sabbath. Read Hebrews 4:1-11 and notice verse seven. The heavenly Sabbath (rest) after this life is the true Sabbath. The old Sabbath of the Jews was just a passing shadow (Col. 2:17) and does not apply for Christians.
These objections are answered in two parts. Part One is foundational. Part Two gives the answers.

IV. For the history of the change made by Rome and its pressure upon seventh-day Sabbath keeping Christians to switch from obedience to the fourth commandment her preferred day:
A. Read the monumental book,
From Sabbath to Sunday. See:
B. See the epoch-making video/DVD series,The Seventh Day: Revelations From the Lost Pages of History, at:

Ellen White:
A. See the eleventh chapter of The Silencing of Satan for evidence that Bible students should have expected God to call a prophet in the mid 1800's.
B. To what degree did Ellen White influence the formation of Seventh-day Adventist doctrine?
C. Questions about the investigative judgment and criticisms of Ellen White. See:

A. Does the Bible teach that hell burns endlessly? Do the lost suffer endlessly? See:

Soul Sleep - The State of Man in Death:
A. See books available, including: Immortality or Resurrection?, by Samuele Bacchiocchi, at:
B. See paper, The Biblical View of Death at: