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Typical Seminar Topics:

The Everlasting Gospel
The everlasting gospel refers to the way God has always planned to give eternal life to mankind.

But, Why Lord !?
Why is there an investigation of believers?

The True Ground of Christian Assurance
The bedrock of our assurance is universally acknowledged. But, its ground is little understood. And, therefore, it is underdeveloped and far too unfruitful.

The Judgment Enacted and Envisioned
To make sure we understand the judgment God has given us a prophetic enactment and a vision of the judgment.

The Judgment Demonstrated
God has also given us real life demonstration of the judgment.

The Hour of God's Judgment
In this presentation we show that prophetic history confirms the Seventh-day Adventist Movement's experience and its judgment doctrine. The role of Ellen White is clearly seen as predicted in prophetic history.

What is the effect of these seminars?

Everywhere I have presented investigative judgment seminars base on the findings shared in The Silencing of Satan: The Gospel of the Investigative Judgment, people tell me two things. Both are encouraging, but the latter means the most to me. First, many have stated, “This is the best presentation of the investigative judgment I have ever heard.” But, far more encouraging than this are the comments of those who have tearfully told me that they have been suffering under some discouraging painful trial, but that my presentations have given them comfort and hope. I shall never forget the first time I heard this sort of comment. It was from a woman who was severely depressed, and baffled that she would feel like God had forsaken her. She explained that she had no understanding of such feelings. Normally she was an active, strong, positive Christian. Yet, at this point she was probably the most discouraged Christian I'd ever met. Before we finished talking she was feeling much better. A couple of weeks later we were talking on the phone and she told me that what I had shared lifted her out of the pit of despair and because of that conversation she was doing fine. What did I present to her? The investigative judgment doctrine! Imagine that. I would be glad to come to you camp meeting or church. I am sure that the messages will bring comfort, and a fuller appreciation of the wisdom and love of God in the truth about the investigative judgment.

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